Rock climbing
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Rock climbing

Alpine granite

Where? Chamonix / Switzerland

When? June – September

Who? Anyone who loves rock climbing

Why? Golden granite walls- always found in the most beautiful of places. Such awesome movement skills are required to get you up these routes but the good thing about Granite is just by climbing it it teaches you to climb better. Cracks and slabs available at all grades. Top locations for this are the faces around Chamonix, and the Grimsel and Furka passes.

French limestone

Where? Chamonix

When? March – October

Who? 1-2 climbers

Why? France has some of the most amazing climbing in the world. I used to be afraid of limestone routes but now I have found the love for limestone climbing thanks to France! On the South Coast there is the Calanques which has amazing sea cliffs. Between there and the alps there are heaps of amazing places to explore often with no one else climbing there and places nobody you know has even heard of. All these French cliffs offer amazing climbing and then classy holiday vibes in the evening so it makes for a perfect holiday.

Winter sun rock trips

Where? Spain/ Italy/ Greece/ Mallorca

When?  October – April

Who? Anyone and everyone (group size depending on location)

Why? This is the best way to improve your climbing- bolted sport climbing with little extra faff allows you to focus on your climbing; movement, head games, techniques. We can work with any climber who wants to improve their climbing between 4c-7a.


If you want an active holiday for yourself or your family you can have a guide help you find the best fun and adventure on your holiday. We can rock climb every day or we can guide you on a variety of adventures like Via Ferrata and canyons. There are a lot of awesome climbing spots in Spain, Greece, and Italy.

Rope skills

Where? Chamonix

When?  year round

Who? 1-6 depending on focus

Why? Because with better rope skills we can be safer, move more efficiently and do more climbing. I never found rope work so easy but now I’ve got great systems which feel so natural and straight forward and I think this helps me teach those who also don’t find rope work so obvious. If you want to learn rescues or just develop your general rope work we can make it fun and do it in situations which make it make sense.

UK trad

Where? The Arctic/ Japan/ Kyrgyzstan/ Iceland/ Greenland

When?  May- October

Who? 1-2 climbers

Why? UK trad climbing had my heart from the start. Somehow I found my way to the cliffs just 10 minutes from where I grew up in Sheffield and started climbing. I have spent a lot of time climbing in the Peak District (gritsone),  North wales (sea cliffs and mountain crags) and the Lake District (mountain crags) as well as Scotland and Cornwall and Pembroke and I would be so happy to share these amazing places with you over a trip.