mountain guiding
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mountain guiding

Shared mountain is a Social Business offering high quality Mountain guiding;

UK rock climbing guiding (Cornwall, North Wales, Lake district and Scotland)

Scottish Winter Climbing (Cairngorms, Ben Nevis, NW Scotland)

Classic Alpine Mountaineering (Europe)

Alpine rock climbing (Europe)

Off Piste Ski guiding (France, Italy, Switzerland)

Ski touring (France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway)

Ice climbing (France, Italy, Switzerland)


Testimonials from guided trips

  • ‘Polly was dynamic and thoughtful. She has a lot of energy and is a talented Mountain Instructor’ Phil
  • ‘Thank you for being so supportive throughout our trip’ Justine
  • ‘Polly you are a super star- such professionalism and competence in the mountains’ Drew

Get in touch to discuss your mountain goals and how Shared Mountain can help you achieve them.